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Bow hunters know that success in the field always depends on the performance of your gear. The best bowhunting backpacks serve as a critical tool for carrying your gear, staying organized, and ensuring your comfort during those long treks into the wilderness.

AKEK products seek to provide hunters with the best bow hunting backpacks for any scenario–whether you’re traversing across miles of mountain wilderness or simply hunting a small plot of land. In this article, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when choosing the best bow hunting backpack and how AKEK products stack up against the competition. 

We Recommend One Of These 2 Packs Below

Alpha 3200 Bow hunting Pack

CLIMAX 5400 Bow hunting Pack

climax bow hunting backack

Quality and Durability 

Bowhunting usually requires you to move through thick brush to get in the right location for the best shot opportunity. Doing this will take a toll on your gear, so the first and most important quality to look for in a solid bowhunting backpack is the level of quality and durability. Overall, your backpack should have optimal toughness to withstand rugged terrain, inclement weather and routine contact with brush and rocks. 

AKEK backpacks are made with 500 denier Cordura nylon material, which is incredibly lightweight and durable. Each part of this fabric is coated with a specialized Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating that creates a waterproof barrier between the contents inside your pack and the outside elements. This special coating causes water to bead-up and roll off the fabric instead of soaking into it, allowing everything inside your backpack to stay dry–even in heavy rain. 

In addition to this tough, lightweight fabric, each AKEK backpack is also crafted with YKK water and dust resistant zippers. Unlike most backpacks, the zippers often allow water to seep through and leave some of your gear damp or even soaked. These zippers are also made to seal-out dust which can work its way into the teeth and cause the zipper to malfunction. 

AKEK backpacks lock-out water and dust, which means your essential gear items like binoculars, release, and many other things will remain clean and dry. This DWP-sealed 500 denier nylon fabric is also machine washable, which means you can remove any part of the backpack you need to wash away any blood from your harvested animal that might contact the surface, or anything else. 

Quick-Release Bow Carry System

One of the most critical features you should look for in the best bowhunting backpacks is an ability to securely carry your bow. Both the AKEK Alpha 3200 and the Climax 5400 provide a unique quick-release mechanism which allows hunters to access their bow and position themselves for a shot in mere seconds. Instead of having to unstrap your bow in order to gain access, the AKEK Quick Release system operates using a strap that releases the bow when pulled forward. 

One of the main advantages of this well-designed system is that it allows hunters to maintain focus on their target instead of having to take their eyes off the game animal and locate a latch or strap. This Quick Release Strap makes it possible to keep your eyes on the target animal while pulling the strap free, then pull the bow over your shoulder in one fluid motion to set up your shot without having to remove the backpack. 

Each AKEK backpack provides a hands-free carry system that keeps your bow tightly-packed and protected as you hike to your chosen location. This system also makes it possible to tighten-down the straps as needed to ensure that your bow stays in place and doesn’t shift around as you are hiking up and down rugged terrain. 

Customizable Bowhunting Backpack

One of the top features you should look for in the ideal bowhunting backpack is the ability to customize the pack and create the perfect capacity for your hunting trip. AKEK backpacks can be customized in ways that conventional bowhunting backpacks simply can’t achieve. Both the Alpha 3200 and the Climax 5400 offer a wide range of customizable compartments and options that allow you to adapt your backpack in the field. 

The frame of AKEK backpacks can easily be removed to offer hunters a much more compact, lightweight pack. This makes it possible to pack in a heavy load of gear using the backpack’s full frame and then later remove the frame to use the pack in compact mode for light travel from basecamp to and from your hunting location. 

AKEK backpacks also offer a meat shelf and adjustable lid flap for short day hikes, or stalking game animals. The AKEK Climax 5400 offers more customization as hunters are able to adjust the height of the frame to carry heavier loads, as well as additional interior space for more gear. Even the lid is made with shoulder straps, which make it possible to use it as a small carrying pack for toting small items. 

The customization that AKEK backpacks offer means you can use one pack for different types of hunting trips. Both AKEK backpacks can be customized to haul very heavy loads up to 150 pounds, or they can be manipulated in such a way to use for a very light hunt in which you only need to carry a few items. Having this adjustability is a great advantage and it’s really what makes AKEK one of the best bowhunting backpacks on the market today. 

Noise Reduction 

Bowhunting requires you to get as close as possible to your prey and having a noisy backpack is more of a disadvantage than anything. AKEK products are designed and crafted by hunters with the awareness that every single function of the pack needs to be carried out in silence. 

There are a number of ways your backpack can create unwanted noise in the field and lead to missed opportunities on your hunt. Many low-quality bowhunting backpacks are made with loud zippers, latches that create snapping sounds when released and way too much noise when branches sweep across the fabric of the pack. That isn’t the case with AKEK products. 

AKEK backpacks are made to fit various compartments tightly together without added noise that can be created as you walk. The latches, straps and zippers are also virtually silent when being released, allowing you to access your bow or open any part of the backpack to grab your gear without alerting any nearby wildlife. 

Size and Capacity

akek hunting pack meat shelf

The size and capacity of AKEK products are another reason why they are among the best bowhunting backpacks available. As mentioned, each AKEK pack can be fully customized inside and out to carry as much gear as needed without unused space. 

Most bowhunting backpacks come in various sizes, typically measured in liters. Smaller packs, around 30-40 liters, are suitable for day hunts when you need to carry minimal gear. For longer trips or if you plan to carry camping equipment, opt for a larger backpack in the 60-80 liter range. Remember, a well-organized backpack with compartments and pockets will help you make the most of the available space.

The pack separates from the frame with just a few clicks, making it very easy to create space for carrying meat back to basecamp. Each AKEK backpack’s name indicates their internal carrying capacity as the Alpha 3200 offers cubic inches while the Climax provides a whopping 5400 cubic inches of interior space. 

The Alpha 3200 comes with eight different zippered compartments and two water bottle holders, as well as various internal pockets and separators to make organizing your gear a simple, easy process. This backpack weighs just 5 pounds, 11 ounces with the frame, making it ideal for bowhunters to use in a variety of scenarios. 

The Climax 5400 is basically three backpacks in one as it features a climax mode for multi-day expeditions, a compact mode for a lightweight fit and the regular mode for day-to-day hiking and hunting. This backpack weighs 6 pounds, 12 ounces and is the ideal bowhunting backpack for long-haul trips into the wilderness. 

Comfort and Fit

It’s difficult to find a good bowhunting backpack that offers a truly comfortable fit, yet AKEK has managed to do just that in their design. The brand’s backpacks were developed after countless hours of research and testing to create a backpack that hunters could comfortably wear on all-day hikes with serious loads on their backs.

Operating from an incredibly lightweight carbon fiber frame, each AKEK backpack features padded shoulder straps that can both be adjusted to adequately disperse weight. These packs also offer padded lower-back sections and padded waist straps that make trekking through the wilderness much easier and less of a struggle. 

Nothing drains your energy levels like a poorly-managed backpack that fails to balance weight properly. The design of each AKEK backpack specifically addresses this issue and makes it possible for hunters to move with much greater ease, allowing them to travel farther with less effort. In addition to the padding on each strap, the frame features a curved design that allows air to pass through the space between the pack and your back. This helps to significantly reduce sweating and discomfort. 

Organization and Accessibility

Knowing exactly where each gear item is located and how to access it makes a world of difference in the field. AKEK backpacks are designed to make separating your gear a very easy process as each pack offers multiple zippers enclosures and pockets for storage. Each zippered opening is made with the same high-quality YKK zipper and each one features a finger-loop that makes it easy to access. 

Each AKEK backpack can be loaded or unloaded from the top or front, making it easy to access specific gear items without having to spend time unloading gear or fumbling through your backpack. Our backpacks were designed specifically for hunting and each individual compartment serves its own unique purpose. 

Value and Warranty

AKEK products are made for serious hunters who demand high performance from their gear. Each AKEK backpack is meant to last a lifetime–plain and simple. We back that belief up by providing our AKEK Lifetime Warranty with each product. 

We know that hunters will be satisfied with our products because we’ve invested ourselves in creating a bowhunting backpack that is unlike any other on the market today. Having a top-tier quality backpack like AKEK’s Alpha 3200 or the Climax 5400 will have a significant impact on your hunting trips. Our packs are meant to serve as a companion that you can count on for many years to come, and one that will allow you to elevate your outdoor experience to new heights.