Avid hunters demand outstanding performance from their gear without question. When going on a multi-day hunt, you can’t compromise on quality and capability if you want to have success. The AKEK Alpha 3200 is one of the newest products released in the lightweight hunting backpack category and there are plenty of reasons why you should consider this pack over the competitors’ products. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the characteristics and features of the AKEK Alpha 3200 and why it’s the top choice for hunters looking for a reliable and super lightweight pack that will last longer and perform exceptionally better than other brands’ products. 

NOTE: We know this pack isn’t the very lightest pack on the market but we feel it’s the best balance between weight and performance.

Alpha 3200 – 5lbs 11oz is the perfect combination of features and weight.

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Advantages of Incredible Lightweight Design

The immediate impression of the AKEK Alpha 3200 that truly stands out is its lightweight design. The backpack’s full weight with the frame is 5 pounds, 11 ounces and allows for a wide range of extra adjustments and customization to give you the perfect fit on your hunt. Having a pack that’s super lightweight provides a number of advantages in the field and crossing rugged terrain with a heavy load on your back can be a burden with a heavy pack. 

It’s often tempting to carry more and more gear on your multi-day hunts. You always want to have enough food, water and other supplies to last throughout the duration of your trip. When you’re navigating rough terrain and covering long distances, or climbing steep hills, every extra ounce makes a major difference. Having a quality lightweight hunting backpack like the Alpha 3200 allows you to move with better agility and have longer endurance, which in the end enhances your overall ability and virtually guarantees a more satisfying hunting experience.

Toughness and Quality 

Hunting often takes you through challenging environments, from dense forests to rocky mountain sides. You can’t always stick to the trail on your hunting expeditions, so you’ll need to have a backpack that can handle going off-trail and moving through thick brush and around rocks. The AKEK Alpha 3200 is constructed to withstand the rigors of these demanding conditions. Our backpack is crafted from very tough, tear-resistant 500 denier Cordura fabric, which is specially designed to handle even the toughest hunts.

Each hunting backpack is made with reinforced seams and heavy-duty zippers to ensure that your gear stays protected without getting wet or having dust and grime find its way into your gear. Hunters who have used the AKEK Alpha 3200, know that they can trust the pack to handle anything nature throws at them. It’s fabric won’t easily tear or become worn thin within a year or two like most budget packs are known to do. This is a backpack you can use for a lifetime. We designed the Alpha 3200 to withstand all kinds of challenges to ensure you will be able to rely on the pack when it counts. 

Comfort Counts 

Going on a hunt in rugged terrain virtually guarantees that you’re going to be forced to endure some hardships and discomfort. We don’t want you to have any added stress or fatigue because you are using a sub-par hunting backpack. We have spent countless hours conducting tests and research to make sure our backpacks are more comfortable, even when loaded down with the maximum capacity. 

Hunting can be a very physically demanding activity, often requiring extended periods of enduring rough conditions and wear and tear on your gear. We designed the AKEK Alpha 3200 to prioritize your comfort with its ergonomic design. The soft padded shoulder straps are designed so that you can tote your pack without having the straps feel like they’re cutting into your shoulders or neck area. These shoulder straps are also fully adjustable, so you can manipulate them as-needed to get just the right fit depending on how much gear or extra meat you’re carrying. 

We also crafted this pack with an adjustable sternum strap which helps to offset the weight of the backpack itself and remain more secure when you are hiking up or down uneven terrain. If you properly utilize this strap and have it tightly secured, you can be assured that your bag won’t shift left or right and cause you to fight to reorient the load in order to keep your balance. 

The Alpha 3200 is also made with a soft padded waist belt that can be adjusted in relation with the shoulder straps, which will greatly reduce the strain on your shoulders and back as you move. We recommend having this as tight as you comfortably can in order to help further secure your load and prevent the pack from moving and shifting as you make your way to and from basecamp. Each of our soft padded waist belts comes with pockets that allow you to have quick and easy access to whatever’s inside.

In addition to all of these features, the back panel is made with breathable mesh material, which helps to minimize sweating. This ensures that you stay cool and comfortable even during warm-weather hunts when keeping your scent in check is a must.

More Storage Options

We know that every hunter expects their hunting backpack to offer ample storage options for each individual type of item. The AKEK Alpha 3200 excels in this regard as it features a number of very organized, sealed-off compartments both inside and outside the pack itself. The backpack has an overall capacity of 3,200 cubic inches, which provides sufficient room for all your hunting essentials to fit inside without becoming overly bulky. 

As a result of hours of testing and research, we have carefully placed pockets, compartments, and attachment points in various sections to allow you to organize your gear more efficiently. You’ll no longer have to fumble around in search of critical items. We want you to have everything you need in an easily accessible pack, ensuring that you’re always prepared for whatever happens on the hunt. 

Unmatched Versatility 

Every hunt is different from the next. Even when we go on a trip to hunt the same type of animal in the same season and environment, our gear items, food rations and other factors are always subject to change. We have designed the AKEK Alpha 3200 to have the capability to adapt to any situation you encounter.

The AKEK Alpha 3200’s modular design allows you to customize your backpack in a variety of different ways to suit your specific needs. You have the ability to attach additional pouches, hook or tie-on certain accessories, or secure anything else on your pack. We have added special straps that make it easy to add your bow or firearm, which also features a quick-release strap that makes it super easy to unlatch your weapon and access it without having to take your backpack off. 

Having this versatility means that you’re going to be prepared for any hunting situation. This kind of customization and adjustability opens up a wide range of new capabilities that are simply not possible with other hunting packs. The AKEK Alpha 3200 is designed so that you can break down everything and secure it just as you want for your trip. 

Many hunters utilize the backpack with the frame for the hike into base camp, but adjust their pack so that they can use it for hunting the next day. It’s extremely rare that you can use a backpack for a wide variety of conditions, from shouldering a very heavy load of gear to using it as a pack for hunting elk and other game animals, but that was our goal from the beginning. 

Camouflage and Noise-Free Use

No matter how much a backpack functions the way you want it to in terms of loading and moving across rugged terrain, this same pack can become a disadvantage if it’s extremely noisy and doesn’t blend in. We designed the Alpha 3200 with a universally-appropriate hunter green color which blends into almost any environment. The fabric is also made with water repellant material so that wetness and moisture doesn’t seep into the fabric, but instead beads up and rolls off the pack to keep it dry and protect your gear. 

Staying quiet when you’re in the field is of the utmost importance. The AKEK Alpha 3200 is crafted in such a way that it can be used in any situation without making a great deal of noise and scaring away your target animal. The 500 denier Cordura fabric is made so that it doesn’t create a lot of noise when making contact with brush, limbs or rocks in the same way that nylon fabric is known to do. 

The frame is also made of carbon fiber material and is completely soundless, unlike traditional metal-framed backpacks that are notorious for making unwanted sounds. We also crafted each one of the zippered compartments with high-quality YKK zippers to ensure that you won’t have to worry about spooking animals away from your position when opening or closing any part of the pack. The backpack is capable of offering a silent performance, regardless of wet conditions or other factors. 

The Facts

In light of these factors, and many others, the AKEK Alpha 3200 has rightfully earned its reputation as the best lightweight hunting backpack on the market today. The lightweight feel, fit and performance that it offers hunters is unmatched by any other product within the same category. We understand the desire to opt for a more budget friendly backpack, but the Alpha 3200 has been crafted in such a way that it will outperform and outlast the competition for many seasons. 

We didn’t design this backpack or any of our other products to be one that quickly needs to be replaced. Our goal is that each AKEK hunting backpack lasts the lifetime of the hunter, which is why we back every one of our packs with the AKEK Lifetime Warranty. We are fully confident in this backpack’s ability to function in the way it’s supposed to without breaking or bending and we want you to have absolute confidence in its abilities as well. 

The AKEK Alpha 3200 is the ultimate lightweight hunting backpack and we guarantee that this pack will become your greatest hunting companion. We expect that you’ll be fully satisfied with the pack’s performance both hiking into your hunting area, and hiking out with a sizable load of meat and a ton of antlers strapped on.