WHO: Are you a full-time outdoor professional: a seasoned climbing, backpacking or hunting guide, a professional ski patroller, an avalanche forecaster? Perhaps you work (full-time) in the outdoor, snowsports or hunting industry for a kindred spirit brand. If you fall somewhere in this mix, or feel you have tangential qualifications worthy of consideration, AKEK has a professional purchase program set up just for you.

WHAT: Because you work in the field (or on the frontlines), we want you to be wearing an AKEK backpack (if warranted, we want you to have a quiver of our products to meet your every outdoor need). To facilitate an alliance, we’ve developed our Pro purchase program to give you a discounted price on select hunting, mountain and everyday packs and related gear.

WHY: We’ve built some of the most innovative and versatile gear on the market. From the beginning, we’ve designed and built our packs for “highest level users.” This certainly includes individuals, like you, who have made your outdoor passion(s) your career. In exchange for a deep discount on our packs, we’d like you to serve as an AKEK: advocate, ambassador, influencer, and all around action figure. Additionally, as someone who relies on (and hammers) your gear day in and day out, we’d appreciate receiving your detailed, specific product feedback. If you fall in love with a particular product, we hope you’ll take the time to comment on it on our akek.com website.

Do I qualify for the AKEK Pro purchase program?

If you are a certified, full-time: climbing, mountaineering, backpacking or backcountry skiing guide, or a hunting guide and/or outfitter, you may qualify for the AKEK Pro purchase program. Upon request, please be prepared to provide proof of professional standing with a State Guide’s Association and/or Outfitter’s License.

How long does the approval process take? We carefully review each request. Please allow up to five business days for us to do our diligence. If you do not meet our Pro purchase criteria, we’ll provide an explanation.

What are the Pro program guidelines? Because you are a professional, you are expected to respect our Pro Purchase guidelines as listed below.

Apply for the AKEK Pro Purchase Program