AKEK Brief History:

We officially started in 2021 as AKEK. We are a group of hunters and outdoor enthusiast that love outdoor gear. We felt much of the gear on the market was good but in many cases we felt it could be improved, so we started AKEK. We focus on creating and distributing high end outdoor gear. Nothing is sold with the AKEK name until it’s researched and tested by our own team, This is why we feel comfortable offering a lifetime warranty on all our products. 

We are based in Lehi, Utah . All our products are shipped right here from our warehouse to our customers. 

How Do You Say AKEK ?

Our name is pronounced  ĀKEK. The A is similar to Acorn or Ape.  

Are AKEK Products USA Made?

AKEK is a USA company located in Lehi, Utah. We design and test all our product here in our warehouse. That being said our assembly factories are located overseas. However rest assured that when you purchase AKEK products you help support and feed many US families that are apart of the AKEK team.  Creating quality products is our goal and mission, we will do everything we possibly can to keep our customers happy!