AKEK Brief History:

We are a group of  Utah and Montana hunters and outdoor enthusiasts obsessed with great outdoor gear. As experienced consumers, we knew much of the gear on the market was good -–  but we had irresistible ideas for improvement.  So we launched AKEK in 2021.   

We focus on creating and distributing high-end outdoor gear. Nothing is sold with the AKEK name until it has been thoroughly researched and tested by our own team. This is why we feel confident offering a lifetime warranty on all our products.

AKEK Mission

Our mission at AKEK is simple:  Scope out the best outdoor gear, then build it even better.  We introduce only what we can comfortably provide a lifetime warranty on.  We aim to make you a lifelong customer who is proud to use gear that sports the AKEK name.

AKEK is pronounced exactly as it seems. The ‘A’ is articulated in the same way as it is in words such as ‘Ape’ and ‘Acorn’. Importantly, AKEK is not an abbreviation and does not represent any particular phrase or concept.

AKEK is a USA company.  AKEK products are researched, developed, designed and field tested here in USA. We do some assembly here in the USA and some on Vietnam. Many of the parts for our packs are also now sourced in the USA.  Our office is in Montana’s beautiful Bitterroot Valley and all products are shipped to customers from Utah.  Rest assured that when you purchase AKEK products, you support many US families that are a part of the AKEK team.   

Creating quality products for outdoor adventures is our mission. Making you a happy customer is our commitment.   Welcome to AKEK!